Product Details

  • Color: Brown / Yellow
  • Moisture: Up to 15%
  • Impurity: 3% (Brown) < 7 to 9% (Yellow)

This is Product detail

Apart from being reliable and trouble-free, the unique low noise feature in the blue star Fan Coil Unit makes it the most appreciated in its category. The low height of just 266 mm makes Fan Coil Unit compact and perfect for even low ceiling heights. Stringent tests carried out on the new generation Fan Coil Unit to prove them beyond doubt to be superior to any other FCU made in India. It is as good as or better than the imported brands. Results of these tests, on various parameters such as capacity, air quantity, and noise levels, have been certified by an independent accredited agency, vipac Engineers & Scientists ltd., Australia. Apart from low noise and low height, blue star Fan Coil Unit also has the following unique features :

Stainless steel drain pan : The high quality stainless steel (SS304) drain pan, supported by GI powder coated cover, is corrosion resistant and rust proof.

Interchangeable fitters on the RA Plenum : The position of the air fitter on the return air plenum can be interchanged to coliect return air from either the rear of from the bottom of the unit.

Auxiliary Drain Pan : The auxiliary drain pan, made from stainless steel (SS304), cottects condensate from control valves and isolation valves.

No weld joints : The units are less prone to corrosion and hence are more durable due to the absence of weld joints.

Permanent Split Capacitor motors : The sprit capacitor motors are highly energy efficient. They are also kept permanently lubricated making them maintenance free.

Detachable Fan panel : The fan panel that can easily be detached by loosening the wing nuts, ensures that the fan motor and coil can easily be serviced.

Salt spray Tested GI powder coated panels : The powder coated GI panels, rigorously tested for over a 1000 hours, ensure that the units are rust proof and maintenance free, besides being aesthetically appealing.

Control Valve, Thermostat & Isolation valves :
The FCU is fitted with 3 way control valve (Siemens make), thermostal with heating/cooling and 3 speed switches for the motor (Supplied loose for fixing at site at a convenient location). The spring retum type control valve bypasses the chilled water when the unit is not in operation to avoid condensation, isolation ball valves are provided at both inlet and outlet, with a strainer at the inlet. These valves are interconnected with copper piping at the factory to enable ease of connection in the field.